Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Integrity Health Animation

I recently finished an animation for Integrity Health in conjunction with the fine folks at Princeton Partners.  You can watch here.

Here are a few stills:

Some production art:
storyboard sketch of the above still.


An abandoned concept.  I have to admit, wrestling would have been fun to animate.

From Sketch to Final:
The storyboard sketch.
The first pass.  I thought all lines and hard blacks would be a stark, simple approach.
I was thinking simple, and got the idea of black figures, like Greek amphoras, but realized the characters needed to be easily identifiable from one another, so I added color to their wardrobe.  This made them all look like they were in black face.  Terrible idea.
Simple color always is the way to go, but...

...it couldn't be all dudes.
Looking forward to the next one...

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