Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lanny McDonald

Don't even really know who Lanny McDonald is, but I think the illustration I did of him recently turned out sort of spiffy.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I think I got better some how...

I don't mean to sound overly self-satisfied, but I'm really happy with the way some recent illustrations have turned out. It's for a project that started almost a year ago, and while I like a lot of those past illustrations, some of them I am down-right embarrassed by or simply have no relationship with anymore. It's as if some one else did them, and I wonder how the new illustrations will mix with the illustrations from a year ago. But I accept an artist's style morphs and grows over time, I am not one to tinker with illustrations of the past. But I like what I've produced lately, I've changed my approach and have learned to finish (and start) an image more properly. The project isn't finished yet, but since no one ever reads this I feel I can safely post this image.

A month from now I may cringe when I look at it, but today I like it. Ladies and gentlemen, Sammy Davis, jr. and Jim Croce.

More to come hopefully.